Proudly a VIP User of Equissage. Equissage is an essential part of keeping my team performing at their best.


Equissage helps to improve blood circulation, relax muscle while supplying passive exercise and improve nerve muscle communication.

By using the Equissage consistently on my team of horses. I have noticed a big difference as they are more relaxed, supple and their muscles aren’t as sore. It is a very useful tool as it helps both the younger and older horses with not only injuries and inflammation, it works especially well in the horses recovery after the cross country phase by increasing circulation and removing toxins. The horse feels the deep massage throughout their entire body and most of all they love it.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss all the benefits of using the Equissage on a regular basis or to arrange a free demonstration on your horse.

Very happy to welcome, Equi Fit! Equi Fit sells Hit-Air, Equestrian Air Vests.


Hit-Air are known for there safety, style and comfort. The Hit-Air vest is designed as a shock buffering, stabilising system, giving added protection of neck, spine, collar bones, lower back, rib cage and vital organs. The vest inflates outwards so you will not be winded. They are easily worn neatly over a body protector as it is so light at just 810g. My navy Hit-Air vest keeps me reassured when on cross country with its advance technical protection, I highly suggest investing in a Hit-Air vest to improve your own safety in reducing or eliminating injuries. Available in five great colours, for more information on Hit-Air vests please get in contact with me.

PROTECT YOUR PASSION! Fantastic to be sponsored by Zandona horse boots!


Zandona has a great range of show jumping boots with the latest technology. There products are exclusively designed, certified and produced in Italy. They are endorsed by some of the biggest names in the jumping arena; Nick Skelton, Penelope Leprevost and Laura Kraut. Check out the range of Zandona products which also include: dressage and stable boots, stud girths as well as spur protective bandages at http://riding.zandona.net