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Maddy started riding lessons in early primary school at Pine Lodge Equestrian Centre, Chantal Wigan found her first little white pony Monte. Monte was a very smart little pony and was great to start Maddy’s riding. A few years later Maddy wanted to start jumping and began having lessons with Kevin Mcnab at Kelecyn. At 12 years of age she acquired Major James (Yogi), she started off in her first intro and completed Adelaide 4star on Yogi at 18 years old. Maddy had great success on Yogi, winning a few three stars and being selected on the National Senior Recognition Eventing Squad 2015. Maddy has also worked as a track rider at Kolora Lodge for a couple of years which has given her great experience in working with so many different horses. Maddy currently rides 6 horses a day ranging from competition to young horses.

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Katelyn Simpson

Kate also started riding lessons with Madison many years ago in primary school. It was actually Madeline Wilson a very good friend of Kate’s who got her into the horses and they are still eventing together today. Kate has been eventing since 2008. Kate had a fabulous horse called Teddy (Kelecyn Toblerone) to start her eventing career which she rode through the grades and finished 11th at Melbourne 1star 3day event in 2011. Teddy and Kate were on the QLD Junior Squad for a number of years. Kate has ridden a few cool horses since Teddy, Belcam Carioca, Kinnordy Gymnesta, Tiraumea Coachman, Major James and Fairview Metallica. In 2018, Kate has spent six months in the USA.